Greater Cleveland Trails & Greenways Summit 2010

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Next Steps to a World Class Trail System
Results from brainstorming session
Greater Cleveland Trails & Greenways Conference June 7, 2010

closing discussionCreate an inventory/database of what’s out there – parks, municipalities, on-road bike routes, proposed and existing trails, neighborhood connectors and stakeholders. Cuyahoga County Planning, NOACA could be possible leads. Trust for Public Land, Ohio Greenprint ( has inventory layers and could be used a resource for some details.

Visit Conference Web site ( for further information, updates, session presentations and resources.

Create a listserv to share information (Friends of Big Creek/West Creek Preservation Committee to lead). See the LinkedIn Forum.

Visit Rails-to-Trails ( and/or American Trails ( Web sites for some answers.

Hold the Greater Cleveland Trails & Greenways Conference again, biannually.

Use opportunities to invite each other to see our resources, successes, challenges.

Motivate the public to get out, enjoy, get involved, volunteer.

Organize constituency and groups to foster support and streamline processes (funding).

Share e-mail addresses and phone numbers of conference attendees with each other.

Engage academia of all levels, provide service learning project opportunities.

Define “Greenway” more completely and how to include that component in trails and other plans.

Look at existing greenways and riparian corridors for trail potential.

Create a regional trail collaboration to convene more frequently, perhaps quarterly.

Engage corporations and foundations for match money. Could be more successful if they are approached as a regional effort or with a regional plan in mind.

Engage public officials. Determine best way to inform them and what is needed on their part. Make the case that trails and greenways are a priority in this region.

Define the regional network of trails and greenways, the various uses and what users want. (Biking, hiking, walking, equestrian, mountain biking, etc.)