Greater Cleveland Trails & Greenways Summit 2010


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The inaugural Greater Cleveland Trails & Greenways Awards were presented during the 2012 Conference reception.

Outstanding Regional Agency – Cleveland City Planning Commission
The planning commission has spearheaded much of the progress that we have seen in trail and greenway development in the greater Cleveland area. From the Treadway Creek Trail, to working diligently on the issues that will get the Towpath to the Lake planning commission employees have been vital to nearly every project. A special thanks to Marty Cader and George Cantor for their dogged efforts on all of our behalf!
Outstanding Regional Organization – West Creek Preservation Committee
WCPC has been a leader in attempting to link a multi-purpose trail from the West Creek Metroparks Reservation to the Towpath Trail near the Independence-Cuyahoga Heights border just west of I-77. A major improvement in this effort is the restoration of the property at the confluence of West Creek and the Ohio & Erie Canal in Independence.  Working with The Trust for Public Land to reclaim the property from its former failed commercial use, the Committee found the money to buy the land from TTPL. It is leading the effort to restore West Creek within the parcel to its original meandering alignment flowing into the Cuyahoga River with natural wetlands and wildlife habitat. When restoration is complete, the City of Independence will preserve the area as a park.     
Outstanding Regional Plan – Summit County Trail and Greenway Plan

Inspired by the vision of community – where open space, recreational opportunities and heritage preservation are prized – community leaders have developed a Countywide Trail and Greenway Plan for Summit County that builds on this legacy. The Plan identifies regionally significant trail and greenway opportunities within the County which will link the natural and cultural resources together to meet recreational, educational, environmental and economic development activities. The Advisory Group for the plan represents a partnership of public and private entities, each a stakeholder in helping make Summit County a better place to live, work and play.  Now entering its third revision, many parts of the plan have been realized and local communities are implementing initiatives of their own, creating important connections countywide.

Outstanding Local Community – Slavic Village Development Corporation
SVD has been at the forefront of trail development in Cleveland with the opening of the Morgana Run Trail in 2006 being the seminal moment. With amazingly diverse programming SVD has helped the trail become a focal point for a massive cross section of the communities residents. This dedication to trail development and programming has paid off in the influx of new investment, like the Trailside at Morgana housing development, and a newfound identity and pride in this historic Cleveland neighborhood.
Outstanding Trail Connection – Lake to Lake Trail
Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Metroparks 2.3 mile Lake to Lake Trail provides public access to the largest remaining wetland complex in Cuyahoga County as well as to nearby health, wellness and institutional users, including Southwest General Health Center and Polaris Career Center. The trail is fully ADA accessible and links to the Park District’s Big Creek and Mill Stream Run All Purpose Trails. The project was completed in 2010 with partial funding assistance from the Clean Ohio Trails Fund and the Ohio Natureworks Program.
Visionary Trail Award – Johnston Mill Run, Bike and Pedestrian Trail
The Johnston Mill Trail will be a key link in completing a connection from the Cleveland Metro Parks Garfield Reservation in Garfield Heights to Kerruish Park in Cleveland's Ward 1. It will specifically connect Garfield Heights' Forestdale Park on E. 131st St. to Arthur Johnston Park in the Miles Heights neighborhood and the Cleveland Industrial Park, a notable employment center. A cross-municipality committee is pursuing funding for the initial feasibility study and initial community input shows strong support. Recognition goes to - Garfield Heights: Mayor Vic Collova, Councilmen Mike Nenadovich & Mike Dudley, Sr., Economic Development Director Noreen Kuban, former Mayor Tom Longo. Cleveland: Union Miles Economic Development Director Tiffany Andreoli, Carol Boddy Program Coordinator, Harvard Community Services Center and Cleveland Councilman Ward 1 Terrell Pruitt 
Urban Trails Award – Kerruish Park 
The Kerruish Park Committee and City of Cleveland's Office of Capital Projects, Division of Architecture and Site Development coordinated the design & construction of a new, 1.5 mile long trail with parking and other amenities in the northern portion of Kerruish Park in the Mill Creek Watershed. Ideas for the trail emerged approximately 20 years ago and in May, 2012 the citizens celebrated it's opening. The trail was constructed by R.J. Platten Contracting Co. for a cost of $832,775. Construction ran from March-December, 2011. The trail is being promoted as a place for recreation, fitness and enjoyment. Residents celebrated it's opening in May 2012 with several events including a pre-Mothers Day walk for honoring and remembering Mothers. Recognition goes to the Kerruish Park Committee, City of Cleveland, Lee-Harvard Community Services Center and Councilman Terrell Pruitt
Outstanding Water Trail Support – Cuyahoga River Water Trail Partners
This collaboration of agencies, organizations and enthusiastic individuals are in the process of establishing the 100 mile Cuyahoga River Water Trail. They envision a network of essential and interconnected  waterway elements in Northeast Ohio to enhance the quality of life through sustainable recreation, education, economic development and environmental stewardship.  Led by Friends of the Crooked River, the partners are self-selected and represent the highest level of park and recreational planners and managers who are building support for implementation along the six proposed sections.  From burning river to regional for the Cuyahoga River Water Trail near you!